Innovation Program Upstream Gas

When becoming active in the Upstream Gas Program, part of the Dutch Top Sector Policy on Energy, one becomes participant in an active research network that supports the Dutch gas sector with research and development. The Program is open to, and has welcomed over the last years, organizations from outside The Netherlands as participation is not limited to companies with a base in The Netherlands. As our research program is part of the Dutch Top Sector Policy on Energy knowledge and technology demonstration should have relevance to produce gas from Dutch onshore and offshore fields with minimum environmental impact and with sufficient support from society. 

Subsidy grants for innovative solutions generated in JIP's

Via the Dutch Top Sector Policy on Energy, the Dutch government stimulates market driven Research and Development by providing grants which gives the opportunity to develop state of the art knowledge and technology in so-called ‘joint industry projects’ (JIPs) with industrial participants paying only part of the actual costs. For example, when industrial participants pay 50% of the costs, and via a subsidy grant the Dutch government the other 50% , this would mean in case of four participants pay only 12.5% of the JIP costs and in return receives full access to the R&D results of the JIP.

The consortium of partners active in the Upstream Gas Consortium counts more than 20 partners, representing operators, service suppliers, universities, research institutes and branch-organisations.

Innovation takes place in 7 Program Lines 

1. Basin Analysis: Improved geological characterization and petroleum system analyses for emerging technologies to explore (un)conventional reservoirs

2. Field Development & Performance: Optimize (enhanced) recovery from mature gas fields and development of unconventional reservoirs

3. Drilling & Completion: Reduce drilling costs & hazards and establish permanent monitoring of well integrity

4. Well & Flowline Performance: Remediation of well problems, development and improvement of production technologies

5. Infrastructure: Seek and develop options for integration and re-use of oil and gas infrastructure

6. Decommissioning & Abandonment: Minimise costs for decommissioning and establish safe abandonment technology

7. Health, Safety, Security & Environment: Reduce of the footprint of gas production


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