Experimental foam incluence evaluation

With decreasing pressure in older gas wells, produced water or condensate can no longer be entrained by the gas flow. These liquids accumulate at the bottom of the gas well which reduces the flow of gas or even stops it completely. One of the most promising solutions is the use of foam agents (surfactants). By the use of foam agents, the water can more easily carried out with the gas flow.


  1. Different suppliers use different tests to select foaming agents. Therefore it is difficult to compare the test results and to select the appropriate foam agents by gas producers.
  2. The predictive value of these tests in relation to the expected impact on production in reality is low.
  3. Quantities and dosing methods for foams are determined by ‘trial and error’. This is particularly undesirable in offshore situations, where the discharge of waste streams containing oil and/or foam agents is bound to strict rules.

Programme objective To develop an industry standard for the selection of foam agents whereby:
– Consistency exists with the results in practice.
– it is possible to compare different foam agents with each other.

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