Dutch Top Sector policy

Nine so-called top sectors have been defined by the Dutch government in 2012 and are in operation since then as key areas for innovation. In such areas Dutch businesses and research institutes excel and have a strong technology positions. Via these top sectors companies, universities, research organizations and government cooperate on (amongst others) knowledge development & innovation, internationalization and human capital to further strengthen this position. Linking economic opportunities with technical or social challenges in the form of public-private partnerships is one of the key drivers to increase innovative capacity of top sectors and competitive strength of industry involved.

Innovation Program Upstream Gas

Within the top sector Energy, and its research theme Gas, there is  a specific program active on innovation for the Upstream Gas sector. This is organized via a strategic Joint Industry R&D program on knowledge and technology to produce gas from Dutch onshore and offshore fields with

  • minimum environmental impact, and
  • with sufficient support from society.

 For this operators, service suppliers, universities, research institutes and branch-organisations have organized themselves in a consortium, referred to as Upstream Gas Consortium. 

Conditions to join and benefit

The Upstream Gas Consortium and joint industry projects (JIP’s) within the Upstream Gas Program are open for additional organizations to join. Joining the consortium is free of charge and gives one access to a community that gathers several time a year and to background knowledge generated, specifically when one enters one or more (JIP’s). Participation in a JIP is in general attractive as part of the JIP costs are being covered by subsidy (as available within the Top Sector) and the other part of the costs are being shared by the participants.

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