Upstream Gas Innovation Program



Innovation through collaboration in research via projects in following 7 program lines


Basin Analysis

Improved geological characterization and petroleum system analyses for emerging technologies to explore (un)conventional reservoirs
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Field Development & Performance

Optimize (enhanced) recovery from mature gas fields and development of unconventional reservoirs
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Drilling & Completion

Reduce drilling costs & hazards and establish permanent monitoring of well integrity
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Well & Flowline Performance 

Remediation of well problems, development and improvement of production technologies
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Additional Program objective

The Upstream Gas program has a second goal and which concerns strengthening the international competitive and innovative position of companies active in the Dutch gas sector such that the capabilities developed for the exploitation of Dutch gas reserves can be applied to reserves in other areas in the world. In such a way the Cluster contributes to the development of innovative economic activities in The Netherlands and for which there is actively searched for cooperation with SME's.

Benefits of becoming active in the Consortium

For the transition to a more sustainable energy mix, natural gas is seen as an important relative clean and versatile energy source. For the Netherlands though a steep decline in gas production is foreseen after 2020 for many of the small gas fields. This is a consequence of the fact that many Dutch gas fields are in their late life production decline phase. Furthermore, it is expected that the rate of addition of new gas reserves the coming years will stay at the present relatively modest level.

The Upstream Gas program, part of the Dutch Top Sector Policy on Energy, is an active research network with as goal to support the Dutch gas sector with knowledge and technology demonstration to produce gas from Dutch onshore and offshore fields with minimum environmental impact and with sufficient support from society. For this several options and areas have and are subject of research projects (ranging from fundamental to field deployment), such as:

Extension of tail end production,

Development of marginal discoveries,

Increase the level and efficiency of exploration,

Unlocking of new types of gas resources.

For current and near-future challenges the Upstream Gas Consortium combines the strength of government, research institutes and industry, by collaboration and sharing knowledge, to come to innovative solutions in so-called ‘joint industry projects’ (JIPs). The Dutch government stimulates such market driven R&D by providing grants to develop state of the art knowledge and technology. Industrial consortium members therefore only pay a limited part (25% - 75% depending on the type of research project) of the actual costs of a JIP. Currently, the Upstream Gas Consortium counts more than 20 partners, representing operators, service suppliers, universities, research institutes and branch-organisations.

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Seek and develop options for integration and re-use of oil and gas infrastructure
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Decommissioning & Abandonment

Minimise costs for decommissioning and establish safe abandonment technology
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Health, Safety, Security & Environment

Reduce of the footprint of gas production
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Several as working together

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